тюнінг легковго авто. I-Car ServiceTuning is a word borrowed from English and it means improvement, which raises         a capability in our case of the car.

I-Car Service has been dealing with tuning for quite a long time and can offer you a full range of services to improve the look of your car and its interior. You can come up with your idea of tuning the exterior look of your car and get a free consultation regarding the implementation of this tuning or you can get several offers for changing your vehicle from I-Car Service designers. One of the features of our studio is that we make tuning of not only passenger cars but also jeeps, buses and even tractive units, about which you can read in the other sections of our web-site.

One of the main elements of external tuning is brackets, the front bumper, rear bumper and side steps. You can also use manually created elements such as a unique air intakes or cut so-called “gills”.

In fact, our team can implement all of your ideas for external tuning, and you can see it by viewing photos of our work in the Photo gallery.