тюнинг джипів. I-Car ServiceJeep tuning is significantly different from passenger car tuning. If the passenger car after tuning becomes usually somewhat less passable, the jeeps are customized to increased            passableness of the car in several times as the jeep according to its concept is a car that stands out for its maneuverability and power.

Usually instead of brackets in the form of a tuning bumpers so-called “bumper guard” are put in the front, in the back part extra protection on the bumper is put and “step” are used for side steps. All these parts are made of firm pipes. Also for pickups the same pipe reinforcements for the body are used.

Often for jeep tuning power brackets with a tackle are set, what helps the driver to move without any problems on the mud-locked roads and if the car gets stuck, to get it out with a tackle by hitching it to the nearest tree or another car.

Pickup drivers use in tuning of their car bodies panelling with corrugated aluminum what allows carrying in the body things that can cause severe mechanical damage to the lacquered covering of the body.