Тюнінг вантажівок. I-Car ServiceTuning of tractive vehicles usually involves installing linings on mirrors and screens on the front of the cabin. Often “bumper guards” are set as it leads to strengthening of the bumper and side steps, ladder is chromed. Long distance truckers, who drive their trucks, often continue moving at night that’s why additional external lighting wouldn’t go amiss and for them we install floodlights on the roof of the truck cab, so at night they can light up a large stretch of road and avoid unpleasant situations. As for the interior, there is much more you can think of. Since truck drivers spend much time on the road for them the steering wheel and seat are important elements. These elements are turned out and updated by I-Car Service for easy truck navigation. Installation of a good audio system is an important factor for a driver and very important also is a bed so he could sleep comfortably and get up full of energy to continue the trip.

Vebasto can also be categorized as the tuning because it improves factory characteristics of the comfort of the car. Truck drivers often sleep in cars and in order not to spend in winter a large amount of fuel Vebasto is set – it is the interior heater system. It does not create noise in the cabin, uses less resources and is easy to manage.