10Car Alarm

In 2014, the number of car thefts increased on 158 per cent compared to 2013. Often the aim is not only a car that was ordered to the thieves, but simply not protected vehicle from which they can steal a tape recorder, video recorder or the similar equipment. The thieves choose for such thefts cars without signal sound because it is much easier to open such a car without making much noise.

I-Car Service provides installation of alarms of any difficulty level including GPS-alarm system, which provides oversight of the car in real time, determines the history of car routes, determines the location of the vehicle up to 10 m., remote locking of the vehicle in case of theft, alarm system connection with your phone and a lot of other functions.

Also you can buy the alarm system in our store or bring your own for installation.


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When you make a decision to install speakers in your car, you primarily need to determine what results you want to achieve, whether you want to hear more bass, or you want high frequencies to prevail, or music in your car should sound loud enough or you not expensive sound system is enough for you. All these factors depend on your musical preferences. Why this definition is so important? It is quite simple, it is primarily for saving your money, why waste them on unnecessary gadgets.

If you like jazz music, then according to this type you need to choose and adjust your audio system, so with the minimum means you can get the maximum sound quality of your favorite songs.

If you’re a fan of club music, you cannot do without a subwoofer which also has quite a lot of gadgets that cost money, but accordingly give you high quality sound. For example, the capacitor can reduce electricity consumption of your battery, so it will pay for itself without forcing you to buy a new battery.

I-Car Service team can offer you excellent quality-price ratio, pick up the entire system especially for you and your preferences and configure it properly so you can enjoy music during travelling or having a rest.