Освітлення салону. I-Car ServiceUsually producers put inside a vehicle ordinary incandescent lamps, which do not longer completely satisfy motorists. Nowadays there is a fairly wide range of interior lighting of the car on the latest standards of the industry. One of the most popular is LED-lamp or diode tape.

Diode lamps provide significantly better interior lighting and car consumes three times less energy, which is why they have become so popular. Consumption of electric energy is very important for busses or cars with a spacious interior, as the owners of these vehicles often like to sit with friends in their vehicle with good lighting so not to face the problem of starting the engine due to lack of battery power.

Also diode tapes are used outside the car as illumination of the car bottom, of the trunk or even the engine.

For illumination of the car bottom the best variant is cold neon, which is a thin tube that emits a large amount of light. Also, these technologies are used for the illumination of the car interior, such tubes are set in joints of a dashboard, door joint cards with decorative inserts or even door handles.