VIP-СалонVIP-interiors are intended to give a vehicle the status of higher class, whose task is to emphasize the high status of the owner, a particular person or company.
Typically, these interiors include many advanced features which cannot be found in a car just from manufacturer. Also in these interiors there are very expensive and high-quality materials for covering, high-quality seats, tables, audio system and whatever a client wants. Here are often used the most expensive covering leather of the highest quality, the most expensive audio and video systems, lighting and the best (luxurious) design solutions are embodied. Such interior first of all must be the most unique and to suit the customer on a maximum level.
In these stores it often comes to creating in the car the comfort of an apartment on wheels in which the client while traveling can stay for a while with no problems, because nowadays it is possible to set in the car 220 volt electric connector for the refrigerator, home theater etc. VIP interiors can be performed for a car or a jeep and for bus, minibus or even truck.
I-Car Service team can bring to life all your automotive desires and create a homely atmosphere for you in your car.
Using our services you can be sure that your VIP interior will be unique exclusive and done in accordance with the highest international standards of luxury cars.